Information for Patients and Families

If you wish to know about more rheumatic diseases that begin in childhood, we suggest the following links which you may find helpful. Please note that different terms are sometimes used for children’s arthritis (such as JRA, JIA) 


Paediatric Rheumatology Centres

Your GP will be aware of local clinical networks and arrangements for referrals.

There is a document of clinical network staff available to BSPAR members within the Members area.



If you wish to know more about research in rheumatic diseases (including those that start in childhood) currently being carried out in the UK and Europe, you may wish to look at the following links:


Parent Group

A National parent group set up in 2013 to represent our views and experiences within BSPAR and elsewhere in order to inform and influence decisions.  Please see the Parent Group page for further information.



  • JIA-at-NrAS is part of the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society. Their new JIA Service is now launched and is aimed at raising awareness of the disease and to support families living with JIA.   They shall also be working closely with health professionals and other charities to ensure are all striving towards the same goal –

    a better life for young people living with JIA”.

    They shall be campaigning at government level in each of the four nations in the UK to ensure that the needs of families, children and young people affected by JIA are understood and prioritised.

  • Information re. anti-TNF drugs and infection and cancer risks - please see:  BSPAR statement on TNF malignant disease and infection Apr 2011 professionals FINAL (1).pdf BSPAR statement on TNF malignant disease and infection Apr 2011 professionals FINAL (1).pdf  
  • For information on the flu vaccine, please click here



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