BSPAR Comprises the following:

Executive Committee

Convenor, Treasurer, Secretary, and representation from members of BSPAR, therapists, nurses and and trainees in paediatric rheumatology. All Executive Committee appointments are elected. The Executive has links with other professional bodies including the British Society of Rheumatology, the Royal College Paediatrics and Child Health and the MRCN/arc Paediatric Rheumatology CSG. The Executive Committee meets 4 times per year and documents relating to each meeting are available from the secretary Dr Kathy Bailey.

Representative / Working groups

These cover important aspects of paediatric rheumatology in the UK and currently include:

Clinical Affairs




Each group has a Chair person who is elected and is a member of the Executive.

All members of BSPAR are eligible to join any of these working groups and you can access more sub-committees and are encouraged to do so.