Adolescent Rheumatology

Adolescent rheumatology and transitional care are thriving areas within BSPAR and involving physiotherapists, occupational therapists, therapists, nurses and doctors. We welcome new members. If you want more information please contact Dr Janet McDonagh or you want to join BSPAR please contact the Treasurer.

There are often sessions on adolescent rheumatology at national and international meetings and you may wish to check the following for their forthcoming programmes:

British Society for Rheumatology

American College of Rheumatology

Royal College Paediatrics and Child Health

Paediatric Rheumatology European Society

You may find some of the following documents and links helpful:


Government Policy and Guidance

RCP Position Statement (U.K)

Youth - Friendly Services (U.K)

Transitional Care



Transitional Care Resources


Useful Web Resources

Routine Adolescent Psycological Screening Tools



Motivational Interviewing


    An excellent short online module designed as a medical student project!


    Resources for motivational interviewing


Training in Adolescent Health


Resources for Teaching

Youth HealthTalk




  • Adolescent Rheumatology.

    McDonagh JE, White PH (Eds) Informa healthcare, New York, 2008

  • Steinbeck K, Kohn M. A Clinical Handbook in Adolescent Medicine. A guide for Health Professionals who work with adolescents and young adults. Singapore, World Scientific Publishing co. Pte. Ltd. (2013)



Professional Organisations for Adolescent Health and Medicine


  • RCPCH Young Persons Health Special Interest Group                                                     

    Convenor: Dr Janet McDonagh

    Includes Monthly Adolescent Health Resource e-newsletter which started it’s life supporting the 10 centres which took part in the ARUK transitional care research project back in 2001.

  • RCP Young Adult and Adolescent Steering Group                                                      

    Rheumatology representative: Dr Rachel Tattersall                                                                     

    Co-chair: Dr Janet McDonagh
  • Association for Young People’s Health AYPH                                                                       

    Publish excellent resource “Key Data in Adolescence” annually






Clinical Guidelines


Transitional Care Documents


Useful Resources for Young People

  • Dream Team -  a resource for patients, parents and healthcare professionals developed by the adolescent rheumatology team at Birmingham Childrens Hospital, UK 
  • Youth Health Talk -  a site for young people with arthritis 
  • Centre for Adolescent Rheumatology - a resource for young people, parents and healthcare professionals developed by the adolescent rheumatology team at UCL in conjunction with GOSH and ARUK
  • Teens in Hospital - a useful resource written by a young person highlighting the specific needs of young people in hospital
  • Arthur's Place - for young adults 18-35 years with arthritis